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[S14E3] Patient Zero ((FULL))

Mr. Hopkins reacts angrily to the implication that his wife's ethnicity makes her a suspected bioterrorist, as Green gets a distressing call about an outbreak of SARS at St. Mark's Hospital. Anna's blood tested negative for the virus and none of the 12 patients have an apparent connection to her. Briscoe then learns from one of Anna's friends that Dr. Blanchard in fact ordered Anna to dispose of the viral sample.

[S14E3] Patient Zero


The detectives meet with patient zero at the hospital, a medical journalist named Jeannine Wilson whose son Tanner is also in serious condition. She recently returned from a conference in Toronto, the site of another SARS epidemic. However, the Toronto variant originated in Singapore while this outbreak matches the Chinese strain from Blanchard's lab. Briscoe asks, "Shouldn't we be wearing masks or something?" and is assured there's no need as the patients are properly isolated. From behind glass, Wilson says she knows Anna through Dr. Blanchard but hasn't seen her in a year. She also admits to breaking off a four-year affair with the doctor, and thinks he must have injected her with the virus when they last met; he had previously been giving her weekly Vitamin B12 shots for chronic fatigue.

A SARS epidemic breaks out with several people infected. The "patient zero", Jeanine Williams, is a journalist who previously worked with Blanchard. They had an affair, but she broke up with him; now she believes he deliberately infected her. Blanchard is the father of her young son, who's immunocompromised and in critical condition with SARS. Her son dies, and now Blanchard faces a murder charge. 041b061a72


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