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Rush Movie Torrent

Firstly, being a fan of Jonathan Rhys Meyers I had been hearing about this project for a while and I couldn't figure out how they'd make sense out of it. It does end up making sense even if it's a little far-fetched. It's about a son and his parents who all have to find each other, but my problem was that I couldn't figure out a way they could have gotten so separated in the first place. But luckily the writers did. It's pretty sappy and sentimental but if you're not that kind of person, I can't imagine you'd be interested in something like this anyway. It's the type of story that always comes out around this time of year, which is also the most sentimental time of the year. It gives you warm fuzzies so if you like something like 'Mr. Holland's Opus' or 'About a Boy' or 'Love Actually' you'd more than likely enjoy it.I don't know if this qualifies as a musical but it should. It had lots of music in it although people didn't burst into fits of singing dialogue. The songs were normal songs, mostly original, and they were great. The young people involved were very talented, especially Jamia Simone Nash and Leon G. Thomas. Robin Willams and Terrence Howard had smaller supporting roles. (I've been saying that Williams and Bono resemble each other for 20 years so I'm glad he put the hat on and finally proved me right.) JRM and Keri Russell are co-stars who do their jobs well. But the star of the movie is Freddie Highmore. He's a good actor and I believe this was the first thing I've seen him in. I wouldn't be surprised to see him nominated for this.I actually think this movie would be good for kids. I think there is maybe one bad word in it and maybe the way he came into the world might bother the extreme conservatives. But it's uplifting and a story about belief, especially belief in yourself. And I expect that'd be good for anyone to see, except maybe those who really hate too much sentimentality.

Rush Movie Torrent

Lyla Novacek (Keri Russell) is a renowned cellist performing in big concert halls. Louis Connelly (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) is a guitar player and vocalist rocking it out. It's love at first sight. With their separate lives, they couldn't stay together. And when Lyla had their baby, Lyla's father gives away the baby to an orphanage while telling her the baby had died. Eleven years later, Evan Taylor (Freddie Highmore) is absolutely certain that he will find his parents and he'll bring the star crossed lovers back together.So far so good, the movie moves along. It's a modern fairy tale that needs desperately some visual magic. Freddie Highmore is good child actor. However he needs to do more with his baby face. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is good as a man who's lost hope and the music. Keri Russell is an amazing actress who's capable of inner sadness and powerful outer pain.And then Evan runs away from group home to NY. He hooks up with a creepy monger Wizard (Robin Williams) who uses Evan and the other kids to make money. It's like Pinocchio when he's forced to join the circus. It's an uncomfortable storyline. And Robin Williams' creepy performance really ruins the magic of this story. I mean it's one step short of child slavery.

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I took this movie home understanding what I was getting myself into. But really it wasn't that bad! Friends discovered that they could make money selling cocaine. Their decision to do so places their life in jeopardy. The effects were very mediocre and same to the acting but it was a different plot. The ending was pretty off though and I wasn't very satisfied with it. The quality of the movie did not look much better than a dv cam but it was quite a good effort. If you like really low budget films and thats all you like, than perhaps you should give this one a look. I would give this film a 3.5 - 4 if comparing it with bigger films.I give the directing a 3, acting a 5, plot a 7, editing a 4. Not a bad movie but rent Crash, North Country, or 11:14 instead.

When a group of friends who are camping in the wilderness stumble onto a drug deal gone fubar. The crooked cop of the bunch decides to take the stash of coke for himself, this of course doesn't sit well with the one remaining living criminal, Brian (Judd Nelson) who takes one of their number, Eva (Tricia Helfer), hostage as he needs the coke back before a beautiful hit-woman for the drug cartel comes gunning for him.This movie was extremely cliché, but it was also more enjoyable than Mark Lester's previous film that I just watched "Hitman's Run" yet still a far cry from his earlier movies that are classics such as Commando and Class of 1984" Eye Candy; Deborah Zoe gets toplessJudd Nelson will return in my next review for "bad kids go to hell"

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Sunday 5 July 2020: I like cute African actress, Adesua Etomi in all of her roles that I have seen her in. I would like to see her in North American films too. Adesua is very cute, sweet, sexy and talented. But over all it was not the best movie and the acting in some scenes with the supporting cast was over the top, but over all it was funny with actresses Bimbo and Bisola and Adesua's real life husband is also in this film.

FOR ME, there was nothing good about this movie. And I also got the inspired idea to ask two of my friends who also didn't like the movie to tell me specifically what they didn't like about it so I could add it to my review so it's not like I am playing the Devil's advocate, and also because the bible says "in the mouth of 2/3 witnesses a matter shall be established". Now there are three of us saying the movie wasn't good. I'll first start with their reviews before writing mine and I'll call them "Anonymous 1" and "Anonymous 2"Anonymous 1's comments on the movie1. I didn't like the movie2. I didn't even think it was funny or anything3. I kept hissing, rolling my eyes and looking at my friend in shock4. Didnt give me any sugar rush as intended5. I als0 wondered why they blatantly painted EFCC as corrupt6. I didnt understand why they bought the house they bought7. Take out the whole fighting scene at the end8. All the dry jokes, they were trying too hard o9. Then Adesua kept drifting in and out between being the sensible sister and being just like themAnonymous 2's comments on the Sugar Rush Movie1. O k... The story line was wack2. I'm guessing it was supposed to be a comedy but I didn't quite get the humour. I was wandering if something was wrong with me when eve was laughing. Comedy ba wo?3. Wait is it the same thing I saw Or is something wro g with my sense of humourHere's my own review (includes spoilers)The Sugar rush movie was about two sisters that stumbled on $800,000 left behind by a man who was murdered. The sisters along with their third sister went on a spending spree that drew the attention of some man who claimed the money belonged to him, so he abducted their mother and asked them to return the money to him if they wanted to see their mum alive again. The sisters were also kidnapped by two EFCC guys who were supposed to have been watching them while they made away with the money and who couldn't prove 2 of the sisters were suspects because the video footage that showed them carting away the money was mysteriously deleted from the EFCC database. And the sisters were kidnapped by the daughter of the murdered man who asked the sisters to go steal money from Anikulapo, a man she was involved with since the money they stole from her late father was rightfully hers and they no longer had access to it. That's the gist of the movie in my own opinion. So what are my thoughts on it?1. Goof 1: The three sisters' mother brought out a bible and Adesua said she was always going on and on about how the bible was going to lead them to their fortune blah blah blah so that should make us assume the sisters and their mum were Christians right? However, when they were chasing Andy to recover the money he stole from them, they ran through some muslim men praying and an Alfa asked them why they hadn't been to the mosque in a while for prayers meaning they were muslims right? How could they be Christians and muslims at the same time?2. Goof 2: Bisola asked Adesua to calculate 360 X 800,000 and the answer they arrived at is N280 million. The right answer is N288 million. (yes I know I am petty! )3. The cinematography/production and picture quality was just ok. There was nothing fantastic about it. Isoken, Living in Bondage: breaking free and even AY's 30 days in Atlanta had way better cinematography and production quality.4. The story line was very very weak! It felt like it was rapidly put together and wasn't given much thought or adequately developed.5. None of the characters were also fully developed in my opinion. There were too many characters with too many things going on.6. None of the characters were likeable or relatable in my opinion. They all just fell flat and even their acting left much to be desired. Only Omoni Oboli, Mawuli Gavor and the guy that spoke Yoruba with a heavy igbo accent did a decent job acting. Even Toke Makinwa's acting positively surprised me to be very honest.7. The youngest sister's character was SUPER-ANNOYING! I legit wanted to slap her with an Omorogun throughout the movie.8. There were so many irrelevant scenes that added NOTHING to the movie and the most annoying part was when the youngest daughter farted. Ahmean, comeon! Was that supposed to be funny and where we actually supposed to laugh?9. I love to laugh A LOT! It's one of my favorite things to do. However, I did not laugh ONE single laugh in this 2 hour movie that was supposed to be a comedy and is being paraded as "funniest movie in cinemas till date" and "funniest film in years"10. The fighting scene at the end was so fake! Ahmean how can we be acting that kind of fake fighting scene in 2019 nitori olorun?So yeah. These are my thoughts on the movie that I would like to share. I will keep the rest to myself. 350c69d7ab


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