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My Mad Fat Diary - Season 1

The show, which drew an average of 1.2 million viewers per episode, was re-commissioned for a second series[8] and started filming around June or July 2013. It aired on 17 February 2014.[9] The second season aired on E4 and consisted of seven episodes.[10] The series featured Rae starting college.

My Mad Fat Diary - Season 1

I forget, sometimes, that My Mad Fat Diary was only three seasons long. I am amazed that in sixteen short episodes, it managed to encapsulate and give voice to issues other have waxed philosophical about, at much greater length (and to much lesser effect).

From its very first episode, we see Rae leave institutionalization and attempt to return to a 'normal' life. Set in Stanford, Lincolnshire, the show feels very small-scale and intimate. The main locations are the therapist's office, the local pub, school, the chippy, and Rae's house - the majority of the places that feel familiar to us who grew up in a small, British town in our youth. The aesthetic and art-style of the show continues this intimacy - visual effects taking on the style of drawings and scribblings, we really are allowed full access to Rae's diary, inner thoughts, and feelings.

I was obsessed in 2013 with the first season of My Mad Fat Diary, but when season 2 aired, it was hard to watch and find in the US. I finally saw the first couple of episodes, and the angst had me hanging up. I never finished season 2 and never watched any of season 3. So I have some epic catching up to do with my faves.

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