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boutique ver l'honneur d'une mère, cet instant vous convaincra de lui laisser votre pareil. photos. . small package. even if you are not gaining much performance from the 1 million lines of native code by compiling it with the c# compiler, doing it this way is much nicer. w.j. white wrote to an editor of the illinois state journal, a daily newspaper in illinois: "i have just returned from your city, where i saw a large number of colored people enjoying themselves at a picnic in front of the joliet jail on the river front. nothing could be better than a demonstration of the poor colored people and their situation and their method of improving themselves. it's a pretty sight. when i was there, a colored woman came and said she wanted to see a boy from waterloo." in the first half of the 20th century, the joliet race riot of july 14, 1919, was a significant event in u.s. history. 2010s joliet entered the national news in 2011 when the city's mayor, bob fioretti, was charged with taking illegal kickbacks for awarding contracts to bid on city construction projects. fioretti, who was working with former governor rod blagojevich and former senator/current governor pat quinn, would resign from his position as mayor. on april 4, 2013, the joliet police department was involved in a shooting at a kroger store in which two teenagers were shot. the two were treated at a hospital and released the same day. the boy, jaren randle, was charged with felony aggravated unlawful use of a weapon. the following day, the man accused of being involved in the shooting, eddie stafford, was also charged with armed violence, first degree felony aggravated battery and unlawful use of a weapon. on july 16, 2013, it was announced that the city had received a $54 million grant for the improvement of the area's sewage treatment plant. the improvements include new hydro-electrical equipment, a new 17-million-gallon secondary sedimentation tank, a new stormwater basin, a new sludge heater and new permanent sludge accumulator. in march 2018, the joliet township high school district 211 board voted to drop the district's middle school sports programs. media and tourism joliet is part of the nbc news market for its large population. joliet is also part of the chicago market for the cbs market as well as the chicago market for abc. the tribune and the sun times, owned by tronc (formerly tribune publishing) are also located in joliet. the rush limbaugh show regularly calls joliet home, as he does not stop at any border. this is because the city is in the illinois second congressional district and the first congressional district is predominantly democratic. however, limbaugh did visit the city's headquarters of big 3 auto during his tenure as a chicago resident. much of joliet's tourism is derived from the fact that it is the home of the joliet correctional center. joliet is also a destination in recent decades for murders and suicides, two problems which have been decreasing in the city. joliet was ranked by cnn as "america's funniest small towns".

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