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Ignatius Guriev
Ignatius Guriev

Relink Indesign Cs4 Serial Number

hi! you mentioned it is allowed to have two activations. I first installed it on my laptop now I want to install it on my desktop but the serial number on my original disk is not working. I download adobe cs4 online. I didn't use the disk to install because its not applicable now on my current system. How can I install my adobe cs4 on my new iMac i just bought?

Relink Indesign Cs4 Serial Number

  • New features in Cross-References Pro 1.1new format element - Source Marker Name

  • new "Include trailing white spaces" attribute added to Paragraph Number and Paragraph Text elements

  • Conversion to and from native InDesign CS4 references (CS4 - CS6 versions only)

  • New feature for batch hyperlink enabling and disabling.

  • Upgrade from any previous version is free of charge as always. Original serial numbers remain valid for the new activation. This applies to versions CS3-CS6. Versions for CC and higher versions are subscription based only.


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