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Paper Mario N64 Cheats Codes PATCHED

Several games in the Mario franchise have featured cheat codes. Note that the following list only features built-in cheats and does not list codes activated from a third-party cheating device such as the Game Genie.

Paper Mario N64 Cheats Codes

Like its prequel, Donkey Kong Land III features cheat codes that the player can activate by entering a certain button combination from the title screen. This plays a sound effect, and most cheats go into effect when the player enters a save file.

In lady bow palace in forever ever forest there is a a jar on the 2nd floor.It is the second door on the floor go in and there should be a little brown box jump on it then jump in the multi-colored jar you should come out looking like super nintendo mario(old school mario)if you what to turn back into paper mario just jump back into the multi-colored jar .This is not tricky at all. 041b061a72


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