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mario kart 64, a driving game released for the super nintendo entertainment system, included a variety of characters as "*kart*", including wario, waluigi, king koopa, and bowser. the names were changed for the north american version of the game, with the exception of king koopa and wario.

Ski.Sniper-ALiAS Tool

mario appears in the show on nes cxc-1000 game console based on the popular cartoon show power rangers . using their nes cartridge, mario and luigi, along with the heroes the power rangers, battle the evil rita repulsa, aided by the spirit of the water dragon. mario and luigi arrive just in time to help marco, tommy, and gabriela save the day. after rita successfully uses an energy beam to steal the rangers' powers, mario and luigi use the cxc-1000 game linker to turn the console into a diamond sword. with their diamond sword, mario and luigi fight the red dragon, rita's second-in-command, and the black dragon, rita's main henchman, while the rangers fight rita and the black dragon. after the battle, mario and luigi find the pink ranger and learn that the black dragon was possessed by zedd. in the episode "legacy", the rangers return and the villains kidnap sally and the other rangers. after the villains' defeat, mario and the rangers return home.

in the nintendo ds game, mario & luigi: "mettaton: a modest proposal", mario meets bill and his eccentric robot friend, metttaton, in the game's engine, the port of salty springs. along the way, mario rescues peach from bowser and then upgrades the game engine with his new a+ powers, granting him the ability to hack the nintendo ds's security system to get into the event recording chip on the ds, giving him access to the recording console of the mario bros. for the whole world to see. mario then proposes to princess peach as a prank, and after she swoons at his proposal, he reveals his new hacking abilities to the whole world. this caused a lot of negative backlash from nintendo and several fans, as they assumed this is a reference to nintendo's own 1998 advertising for the nintendo 64 game, mario & luigi: partners in time, where mario and luigi broke into a residential home and used the game boy advance's security system to unlock a secret video game. to avoid an incident like this happening again, nintendo officials updated the security system in later nintendo ds games, and the mario bros. were officially banned from accessing that system.


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