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The Best APK Share App for Android Devices

Apk Share is a very easy way to transfer and share apps, games, media, and files to friends, family, and colleagues. This is a convenient way to share applications and content without the need for any other media or storage.

You can send files, games, and even media, such as pictures, videos, music, and audio files. If you want to share apps, you will need to install the tool on the recipient's device and then tap "Send".

apk share


For the record, EasyShare is prominent for the ultrafast data transferring speed that it offers to its millions of users. The speed rate can be as fast as up to 40 MB per second. Without any limitation implemented to the amount or kind of file you can share, it enables you to send and receive important data from lightweight to heavyweight regardless of its format type.

MP4, AVI, JPEG, APK, and many more, you can freely share all sorts of files you have with any intended recipient. File sharing across various platforms can be done with a single tap. Simply through a wireless LAN or Bluetooth, you can transfer data as much as you like whenever and wherever you need so. No internet connection required, as stated.

The easiest way to share an app is by sending it through e-mail. In order to share it via e-mail, you need to prepare your app for release and then attach it to the email and send it. After that , anyone receiving the email can instantly install the app through the click of a button.

Although there's many steps in creating the app the most important is creating a keystore and a key for your app which will help you generate a signed app. Once you have the signed app you can also share the apk file by itself wherever needed, you're not restricted to sending it via e-mail. Make sure your friends have their setting set for installing apps from unknown sources

1st In Android studio navigate to "Build" then generate a signed .apk (MUST USE .APK) If you want to share it without publishing it on google play. 2nd upload the .apkto your google drive, then on google drive right click the .apk then click on copy link. Last share and copy this link with any one or anywhere on the internet. If you want to trestrict to only few people go back to google drive right click on the .apk once again select or mention a category of people you will want to share with.

With internal app sharing, you can quickly share an Android App Bundle with your internal team and testers by uploading an app bundle or APK on the internal app sharing upload page& and generating a link. When sharing your app this way, you can restrict access to email lists only or allow anyone whom you share the link with to download.

While developing an Android app, you would usually run it on a physical device or an emulator. If you want to share it with someone for their feedback, you would share an APK that can easily be installed on any Android device.

Make sure you are viewing the list of all of your projects (if you are not, choose Projects My Projects). Select the project you wish to share by checking the box next to it. Choose Project Export selected project (.aia) to my computer to export the source code (blocks) for your project. The source code is downloaded in a .aia file.

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Select "App (save .apk to my computer)." A pop-up box should alert you that your download has begun. Note: The other option (provide QR code for .apk) produces a scannable QR code that will download the app for two hours. You can share this code with others, but they have to use it within 2 hours of your generating it.

You can use logcat to view how this whole process goes on. Use adb shell or one of permission.READ_LOGS or root is required. You can share results here to help me and others understand where the chain breaks.

Other bits of features include a dark mode, multiple apk extract, change saved path, share apks, in-app file directory, and more. There is but one drawback that the app shows banner ads which you can easily by-pass with your net off. If you want to remove ads for a day, there is a watch reward video option or you can go premium in under $1.

ShareKaro Lite is a free file sharing app that enables you to share files, apps, videos, and even large files without any internet connectivity. It is easy to use, with features that include file transfer without size limits, easy connectivity through QR codes, and strong file management.

Don't wish to install Feem on all your devices? No problem. Introducing Feem's WebShare. With Feem's Webshare, you can transfer sensitive documents around you using only your browser. Secured via https and PIN codes.

Copyright document.querySelector('#copyright-year').outerHTML = new Date().getFullYear() Wondershare. All rights reserved. The order process, tax issue, and invoicing to end users are conducted by Wondershare Technology Co., Ltd, which is a subsidiary of Wondershare group.

Media that you can share using it are pictures, audio, videos, and address books. Moreover, you can also share the whole app from one device to other. You can share pictures, documents, videos, text data, audio, and even APKs with Shareit!

Many users don't know it, but to install an app on a cell phone or tablet, one needs to download and install the APK file. With this Android tool, you can easily get that file and share it with other people in multiple ways.

Apk Share Bluetooth is an uncomplicated tool for Android devices that lets users share or uninstall the apps on the smartphone or tablet with one simple click. And to top it all, it is super easy to use.

When you open the platform, you will see a list of all the apps installed on the terminal. To share the APK file, all you need to do is select the applications, click the green button, and choose how to send it. You can send the file to other people or even to yourself to save a copy.

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Easy Share is one of the leading apps for information sharing. If you download the app, you can transfer files super fast. The app is very well designed to share and receive files on their smartphone or any other Android device.

Easy Share can transfer files at lightning speed. In particular, you will not be bothered by ads to have the best experience with the application. The application offers high transfer speeds (200 times faster than Bluetooth sharing), so you can share large files in the shortest time.

In short, Easy Share is a great app. Therefore, you can quickly transfer files and send files securely. The application allows file sharing with no size limit, and you can share data across multiple platforms quickly and conveniently.


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