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Ignatius Guriev
Ignatius Guriev

Kill Her Goats YIFY

This is probably one of the best renditions of a Romanian folk tale that I had the please or watching.From the minute details, house, clothes, location, props, to the words and sayings, behavior of each character. This is a masterpiece.Maya, a legend of an actress, played this beautifully.Marius had that pshyco deep look in his eyes and you could see the "joy" he had when he killed the little boys.The romanian sad and and grieving music makes your skin crawl while the scene plays and you feel the mother's ache and hurt and you want to cry with her.I almost cannot believe that this is a romanian production. Hat's off to the director.Genius.

Kill Her Goats YIFY


Christine returns to Jas, who requests a fee of $10,000. He introduces her to San Dena, who prepares a séance to trap Lamia in a goat and kill it. However, the Lamia possesses her and then her assistant, who vomits up the corpse of Christine's cat, saying it wants her soul. San Dena manages to successfully banish the Lamia from the séance, but dies afterwards. Jas seals the button in an envelope and tells Christine that she can only remove the curse by giving the button to someone else. She attempts to give the envelope at a diner: to a tearful Stu (whom she tries to blackmail into accepting it) and to an ailing, married elderly woman; bothered by her conscience, she does neither. Rather, she digs up Ganush's grave and shoves the envelope into her mouth at dawn. Christine returns home and prepares to meet Clay at Los Angeles Union Station for a weekend trip. Jacks notifies her of the promotion after Stu confessed to stealing her file and was fired. 041b061a72


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