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Grand Theft Auto 5 Breaks 155 Million Units Sold

Similarly Grand Theft Auto reached another insane sales milestone this week, thanks to a surprising boost in sales in the last quarter. Grand Theft Auto 5 sold five million units in the last quarter, bringing total sales to 155 million units sold in lifetime sales Diablo IV Items. Take-Two Interactive also reported that total profit from GTA 5 has since exceeded $6 billion from unit sales and microtransactions since the game's release in 2013. Grand Theft Auto 5 is also planned to release on PS5/Xbox Series X in March 2022.

Marvel's Avengers Ends Paid Consumables After Fan Backlash

Paid resources in Avengers, specifically Hero's Catalysts and Fragment Extractors, were recently taken off the game's marketplace after backlash from the game's community. These were essentially XP boosting items that many believed had considerably reduced grind time that non-paying players would have to earn through gameplay. Any previously purchased items still remained in players' inventories, but future items can now only be acquired through gameplay methods.

Entire Truck Shipment of EVGA RTX 30-Series Graphics Cards Stolen

This week, in a Grand Theft Auto 5-style heist in real life, criminals apparently made off with several EVGA graphics cards. According to a post on the EVGA forums (as reported by Videocardz and PC Gamer), an entire truck was stolen in California somewhere during the delivery route on October 29 between San Francisco and Southern California. It's estimated that an entire shipment of EVGA GeForce RTX 30-Series graphics cards, valuing between $329.99 - $1959.99, was stolen from the truck.

MORE: Rumor Suggests Supplies of Nvidia Graphics Cards May Drop by a Third

Game Rant Arcade EP. 46: Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2 Delayed, Marvel's Avengers is 'Disappointing'

It's time once again for an episode of Game Rant Arcade. With October now come and gone, the industry is now marching towards some of the biggest game releases of the year. There's still a bit of a lull as of recording, but the next month or so will have some absolutely massive games to discuss. In the meantime cheap Diablo 4 Items, there's also been some big news for Cameron and Anthony to talk about.


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